Enhancing Your Acura Car Accessories Colors and Interior Styling

Do you desire to add pizzazz to your Acura? You've found the correct spot! In this blog, we'll investigate some of the top car add-ons, colors, and interior design choices that can give your Acura a lift. Uncover the ideal way to make your Acura stand out.

7/16/20233 min read

a purple toyota camry is shown in this image
a purple toyota camry is shown in this image

Showcasing Acura car accessories to personalize your vehicle

Acura car accessories let owners personalize their vehicles and create a unique look. Accents, enhancements, floor mats, sound systems - the possibilities for customization are endless! Plus, there's a wide selection of colors to choose from, so you can find a hue that reflects your style. Interior styling features such as premium leather seats, wood trims, and ambient lighting can also enhance the luxurious feel of any Acura model. And customizing your Acura can even improve functionality with features like roof racks and rear spoilers.

Acura also offers special edition accessories for specific models, like the TLX or ILX, and customizable packages to suit your needs. Plus, there's an array of vibrant and sophisticated Acura car paint colors to make your car stand out. One customer, Sarah, recently personalized her MDX with high-quality all-weather floor mats in a beautiful beige color that matched her interior upholstery. Accessories allowed Sarah to make her MDX feel like her own oasis every time she stepped inside.

Choosing the right color for your Acura is like picking the perfect shade of lipstick - it can make or break the whole look.

Exploring exterior color options and their impact on Acura's aesthetics

Examining Acura's exterior colors reveals how they can improve the look of their luxury vehicles. Selecting the right hue lets customers customize their TLX, ILX, RLX, MDX, RDX, NSX or SUV and express their personal style.

We have a visual of the various color options for Acura cars:

Model | Exterior Color Options


Graphite Luster Metallic
Lunar Silver Metallic
Modern Steel Metallic
Majestic Black Pearl
Fathom Blue Pearl
Bellanova White Pearl


Lunar Silver Metallic
Platinum White Pearl
Performance Red Pearl
Majestic Black Pearl


Lunar Silver Metallic
Modern Steel Metallic
Bellanova White Pearl
Radiant Red Metallic


Modern Steel Metallic
Lunar Silver Metallic
Gunmetal Metallic
Performance Red Pearl


Lunar Silver Metallic
White Diamond Pearl
Modern Steel Metallic
Blade Silver MetallicNSXCasolarum Red
Berlina Black
Silver Metallic

Vibrant reds, classic whites, and sleek metallic tones bring out the unique design features of each model. Plus, special edition paints or custom options from authorized Acura dealerships offer more personalization.

Visit your nearest Acura dealership to explore the full range of colors and accessories. Transform your Acura into a showstopper and enjoy the experience of driving a truly exceptional vehicle. Upgrade the interior too and make your passengers forget that you still can't parallel park.

Interior accessories and customization options for Acura cars

Transform your Acura into a one-of-a-kind ride! Accessorize and customize your TLX, ILX, RLX, MDX, RDX, or NSX with these interior options:

  1. Car accessories: Floor mats, cargo organizers, seat covers, window shades, and more.

  2. Customization features: Ambient lighting, trim accents, illuminated door sill trims, and sport pedals.

  3. Audio systems: Enjoy concert-like sound with the ELS Studio 3D premium audio system.

  4. Tech upgrades: Wireless phone chargers and smartphone integration.

Discover these at your nearest Acura dealership! Did you know? Honda Motor Co., Ltd. owns Acura - a top car manufacturer renowned for quality and innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some popular car accessories for Acura vehicles?

Some popular car accessories for Acura vehicles include all-weather floor mats, roof racks, cargo organizers, splash guards, and door edge guards. These accessories not only enhance the functionality of your Acura but also add a touch of personal style.

2. Can I customize the interior styling of my Acura?

Acura offers a range of interior accessories for customization. You can choose from options like premium floor mats, interior trim kits, illuminated door sill trim, and custom seat covers to enhance the interior aesthetics of your Acura.

3. What are the available color options for Acura vehicles?

Acura vehicles come in a variety of color options. Some commonly available colors include Crystal Black Pearl, Lunar Silver Metallic, Modern Steel Metallic, and White Diamond Pearl. The color availability may vary depending on the specific Acura model.

4. Can I purchase authentic Acura accessories online?

Yes, you can purchase authentic Acura accessories online through the official Acura website or authorized Acura dealerships. It is recommended to buy genuine Acura accessories to ensure the best fit, quality, and compatibility with your vehicle.

5. Are there any recommended car accessory packages for Acura vehicles?

Acura offers various car accessory packages to suit different needs. Some popular packages include the Protection Package (all-weather floor mats, splash guards), Utility Package (roof rack, cargo organizers), and Style Package (interior trim kit, illuminated door sill trim). These packages offer convenience and value for enhancing your Acura.

6. Can I install the accessories myself or do I need professional assistance?

While some accessories can be easily installed by yourself, others may require professional assistance, especially if they involve wiring or complex installation. It is recommended to refer to the installation instructions provided with the accessories or consult with an authorized Acura service center for professional installation.